Immersive 3D content creation made easy

Next-Gen Shaping

A new and easy approach to hand-sculpted and procedural 3D modeling.

Creation Built-In

Unbound's PlayEngine™ is a new engine technology not requiring external tools for content creation.


PlayEngine™ features unique real-time and online collaboration, with boundless editing capabilities.

About Unbound Technologies

We are a passionate and highly experienced group of friends who make 3D content creation fun, playful, and possible for all creators. We love computer graphics, games, procedural generation, demoscene, live-coding, and creating software which works at the pace of imagination.

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We've used our core 3D model tech to build a new type of real-time engine, one that makes it easy to develop immersive apps and games for both XR and traditional screen-based devices.

Procedural Generation

Procedural methods are at the core of our modeling format and engine. There are many use cases, such as generative design, design exploration, and applications requiring personalization and high varity in content. We have made this practical and efficient for all creators.

Volumetric Sculpting

Whether inside a VR-based interface, screen-based app or game, Unbound models can be easily sculpted and remixed.

High Performance

Our high performance parallel algorithms intelligently cut through computational complexity to make modeling with tens of thousands of functional solids practical in real-time.

Sharp and Organic Features

Unbound has a universal model format that can efficiently represent both organic and sharp featured geometry.

3D Printable

Unbound models make closed surfaces highly suitable for 3D printing. They also export to legacy mesh-based formats such as OBJ, GlTF as well as FBX.

Easy to Use & Customize

Using PlayEngine™, you can develop immersive apps in very little time. Together with Stefan Sagmeister we put PlayEngine™ to the test, creating an exclusive Virtual Reality experience for the museum show: Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty.

The show debuted at the MAK Vienna with a record breaking 150,000+ visitors and 22,083 sculptures created.

Founding Team

Florian Hönig

Co-Founder and CEO


Michael Sänger

Co-Founder and CTO


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