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Stay informed about our early access program


Q: What is Unbound?

A: Unbound is a multiplayer virtual reality for content creation and expressive play.

Q: What does Early Access mean?

A: We're excited to have reached a point where Unbound is powerful and a lot of fun. While many things are still under heavy development, we decided to share the experience from the earliest point possible.

Q: What will it cost?

A: In the long term, we want a fully featured Unbound to be free to use. We're still working out details on Early Access pricing.

Q: When will Early Access be available?

A: As soon as possible. Hopefully in the next couple of months.

Q: Have you considered selling it like a game on Steam for a fixed price?

A: Not really. We believe that software is more of a living, growing entity rather than a thing you put in a box and call 'done'.

Q: Will I be able to 3D print what I made in Unbound?

A: Yes. We are working on that.

Q: Will I be able to export what I made to use in my favorite tool?

A: Yes. We are working on that.


"How to model 3D in VR with hand controllers is a hard problem and a huge opportunity for whoever figures it out. From what I've seen so far, Unbound is in the lead."

Philip Rosedale
Founder High Fidelity & Second Life.

"This is the most amazing VR creation tool I've seen yet! So simple and so powerful! The creative possibilities are mind boggling!"

Kevin Mack
Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer
Creator of Shape Space VR

"Unbound Alpha is a surprisingly intuitive virtual sculpting program. I lost myself in my creation experience. I didn't want to leave, instantly ordered a Vive afterwards."

Meats Meier
Artist and Animator

"The experience is so smooth that I instantly forgot I was wearing a HMD and started to play with creating funky shapes! What a great application"

Mashhuda Glencross
Director for research, Switch That Technologies

"The alpha-demo for your sculpting app has me excited for VR in a way that no game has yet--and I make game art for a living! I cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product."

Raleigh Freeman
Freelance digital sculptor / 3D Artist at Meez