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Q: What is Unbound?

A: Unbound enables players to make 3D things in a new and fun way. Jam on new ideas in the same VR space then work on articulate sculpts together.

Q: What does Early Access mean?

A: We have spent many years creating the foundations and Unbound is now quite powerful and a lot of fun. With that, we've reached a turning point where our focus switches to adding features, improving usability and playing with new fun things our engine can realize. For this phase, we want to include the community and enjoy it with us.

Q: Will I be able to 3D print what I made in Unbound?

A: Yes. Currently via mesh export and we're looking to add more printing releated features in later versions.

Q: Will I be able to export what I made to use in my favorite tool?

A: Yes. You can export an OBJ and we will add more file formats in the future.

Q: What engine is Unbound built with?

A: We designed a completely custom engine from scratch that we call PlayEngine™. This enables new kinds of interactions not seen in typical game engines.

Q: What's the minimum system spec for Unbound?

A: Currently Unbound requires a NVIDIA GPU, GTX 970 or better. We recommend a GTX 1080.

Q: What VR headsets are supported?

A: We designed Unbound primarily for the HTC Vive but it runs on all systems supported by SteamVR. During Early Access, we'll be adding more support to take advantage of vendor specific controller features and design.

Q: Can I use Unbound without a VR headset?

A: You can start Unbound without a VR headset plugged in and still join a networked session with a friend who is using VR. You can use that to watch, chat, record and stream.

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